#V201 Faces of Quadecco – Bonusmaterial

Who are we?  

Insides of an App Development company

Welcome dear audience to the 201st video episode that shows up with bonus material base of our App Meeting INTERNATIONAL in Kharkev, Ukraine which was set by the end of December 2015.  Today on February 5th, 2016 we will show you some faces of the company because most of its clients just see the result – an iOS App (or even Android structure) that is working on our beloved smartphone and tablet devices. However, you know about our trip to the Ukraine and already listend to our topic „App Development“ – talking with CEO Svetlana Solovyova about app processes, economic aspects and being woman in this special tech field that is her pleasure. Now, we like to know which further people also work for Quadecco in general.  

Further responsibilities.


Highlight Speaker – interview: Svetlana Solovyova  

App Development at Quadecco – that’s why it is worth it!

Conversations: Some members introduced themselves

Further information


Episode #V201 – additional stuff of our App Meeting about App Development with Quadecco

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