#V150 Trailer G+ Community Mobile & Wearable Tech User Germany (english)

In the last couple of month many thing happened in the field of technology and especially the leading exhibition fairs as CeBit, Gamescom and IFA were talking a straight forward language. Our digital life is about to change immensely and there is a need of face-to-face exchange. Due to new product categories we all need the experience values and logic of different people to use those for our own way of results and personal needs of all devices.

Having a Plattform for discussions about our personal challenges is the goal of our digital community. Of course, the personal and direct exchange that we by the way provide with our App Meeting (former iPadBlog GetTogether Live-Event) is also very important, but is about to be reinforced by a central spot in the internet. Many months we were talking among other experts with LDPcomSEOSembraVielsinn and many more about technical development of a possible platform for those discussion platform. At the beginning we had different opinions. A wide range from an own solution taken out from the economy till a social Media channel we were able to select from.

If new product categories conquer the market we as friends of technology will still remember the introduction of those. Smartphones, Tablets and Smartwatches determine our digital every day life. Sometime more and sometimes less – depending on how we like.

Therefore LDPcom creates with the team of iPadBlog a digital hub on Google.Plus for exchanging Information from mobile and wearable devices – we welcome you therefore.

Your discussions about mobile and wearable devices from now on on Community.iPadBlog.de

Hinweis auf neuen Community bei GooglePlus: Apple Mobile & Wearable Tech User Germany

Conclusion Video Departments

Next to all these productions of App reviews, Accessoires and all different possibilities of our iDevices we created a video for our communications between us and our audience. We really got into details while producing this clip but proud to produce a final team production.

Discussion and News

As soon as you provide a Google account this community in this social media network is open for you. As community member (free) you have access to different experts, you may ask all your questions that will be replied within one day (or night). Simultaneously we inform you in an entertaining kind about current news, tips and solutions of other community members.

Advice: No chance for Spammers – we delete all spams within one day!


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